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ABOUT US is an international door-to-door travelplanner. We compare train journeys and flights all over The Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the UK, the US, Canada and many more countries! We compare flights all around the world and train tickets all over Europe, Canada and the US! In addition to train tickets and flights comparison we show you how to get to the nearest railway station or airport with public transport or by car. We offer the cheapest tickets from Amsterdam to London, London to Paris, Amsterdam to Paris, Amsterdam to Berlin and many more trajects. launched recently and is currently in Beta.



Depart: Fri 1 Aug
Return: Sun 3 Aug

Groningen to Brest
flights from: € 249 by train from: € 191

Amsterdam to Antwerp
by train from: € 28

The Hague to Stuttgart
flights from: € 84 by train from: € 59

Tilburg to Strasbourg
flights from: € 85 by train from: € 99

Almere to Toulouse
flights from: € 119 by train from: € 204

per person one–way


July 24, 2014Get on a plane to Vejle

Vejle is a city in region known as Jutland in Denmark. People can get into the city from different parts of Denmark by trains, planes and busses. Vejle has many old and beautiful buildings which are very popular with tourists. Tourist places in the city include Den Smidtske Gard, Vejle museum etc.

July 22, 2014Buy train tickets to Espoo

Espoo is the 2nd largest city in Finland. People can reach Espoo by trains and busses from Helsinki and other Finnish cities. Places of interest in Espoo include the Glims farmstead museum, Nuuksio National Park etc. Tourists can also explore the famous shopping centers of the city.


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