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Plane & Train plans journeys from door to door to any address worldwide. It searches for the entire travel from point A to point B including the connection to the airport or train station by public transport or car. Plane & Train compares (budget) airlines, railway companies and travel agencies from all over the world.

This journey planner allows you to enter any place of departure and arrival (from cities, towns even small villages) and finds the nearest airports and train stations to reach your destination. All travel options by plane and/or direct train connections are shown in one comprehensive overview.

Once you have selected your preferred travel route Plane & Train will redirect you to the website of the cheapest retailer to complete your purchase.




June 22, 2015Find train tickets to Chichester

Chichester is a city in West Sussex, England. People can get into the city by train or car from other places in England. Frequent trains run between London and Chichester. It is mainly known for its Roman Cathedrals. Most popular attractions include Chichester Cathedral, Pallant House Gallery, Chichester Cross etc.

June 20, 2015Compare plane and train tickets to Coventry

Coventry is a city in the West Midlands region of England. Travelling to Coventry is very easy as it is connected by both plane and train. The city falls in the main rail route between London and Birmingham. Places of interest in the city include Lunt Roman Fort, Coventry Transport Museum etc.

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