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Plane & Train plans journeys from door to door to any address worldwide. It searches for the entire travel from point A to point B including the connection to the airport or train station by public transport or car. Plane & Train compares (budget) airlines, railway companies and travel agencies from all over the world.

This journey planner allows you to enter any place of departure and arrival (from cities, towns even small villages) and finds the nearest airports and train stations to reach your destination. All travel options by plane and/or direct train connections are shown in one comprehensive overview providing: connection to airport or train station, number of transfers, travel time, flexible dates, methods of travel etc.

Once you have selected your preferred travel route Plane & Train will redirect you to the website of the cheapest retailer to complete your purchase.




Depart: Fri 31 Oct
Return: Sun 2 Nov

Enschede to Leipzig
flights from: € 95 by train from: € 49

Nijmegen to Ghent
by train from: € 28

Groningen to Hanover
by train from: € 29

Tilburg to Saint Etienne
flights from: € 80 by train from: € 194

Delft to Nice
flights from: € 106 by train from: € 181

per person one–way


A fully responsive website

Plane & Train launched a new fully responsive website for mobile and tablets. You can use it wherever you are, wherever you want to go.

Both short and long journeys

It really doesn't matter if you are heading to the other side of town, or if you want to explore the other side of the world. Plane & Train gets you there with detailed travel advice from door to door. In addition we show you all different routes and modalities and compare prices of tickets for each route to make sure you find the best deal to go wherever you want to go.


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