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ABOUT US is an international door-to-door travelplanner. We compare train journeys and flights all over The Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the UK, the US, Canada and many more countries! We compare flights all around the world and train tickets all over Europe, Canada and the US! In addition to train tickets and flights comparison we show you how to get to the nearest railway station or airport with public transport or by car. We offer the cheapest tickets from Amsterdam to London, London to Paris, Amsterdam to Paris, Amsterdam to Berlin and many more trajects. launched recently and is currently in Beta.



Depart: Fri 31 Oct
Return: Sun 2 Nov

Enschede to Leipzig
flights from: € 95 by train from: € 49

Nijmegen to Ghent
by train from: € 28

Groningen to Hanover
by train from: € 29

Tilburg to Saint Etienne
flights from: € 80 by train from: € 194

Delft to Nice
flights from: € 106 by train from: € 181

per person one–way


October 23, 2014Compare plane tickets to Turin

Ferrara is a popular tourist city in Italy. The city is known for its beautiful cathedrals, exquisite cuisine and majestic castles. Frequent trains run between Ferrara and other cities in Italy. Top tourist attractions in Ferrara are Palazzo dei Diamanti, The Este Castle, and The Cathedral etc.

October 21, 2014Compare flights to Pesaro

Pesaro is a town in the Marche region in Italy. It is a charming town known for its fisheries and furniture industry. There are many tourist sites in Pesaro which include The Ducal Palace, the Villa Imperiale, Rocca Costanza Castle, The Romanesque Cathedral Basilica etc.


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